Projector : Who should Provide it

November 7, 2019

I read in a social media post asking the question “Who should provide the LAPTOP for the projector?”

A lot of Event Coordinator quickly replied that the Photo and Video supplier/team should provide it for the reason that it is their product/service that is to be played on it or they (photo/video team) already have their laptop ready. Photo and Video team replied that it is not their responsibility for their laptop use are for editing purposes only.

Here is our take on the issue. The one who provide the projector, provides the laptop. This maybe the Event Organizer, Venue, Light and Sound or the Photo and Video team. Whoever provided the projector is the one responsible in providing the laptop.

Why you ask? For the sole reason that their are compatibility issue involve with the laptop and projector. Yes this is a technical issue that other may not know or would not care about it. But its a real thing.

Technology don’t know each other

This happened to us numerous times already. We have provided our laptop for use but the projector would not communicate with our laptop due to compatibility issue. The bad part is we were blame for the issue. Which in the first place is not our problem to begin with.

So in-order to prevent this from happening to us again we have taken 2 actions:

  • We have stipulated it in our contract that we will not be providing the laptop for use in the event except for editing purposes only. Else they can get our add-on service …
  • We provided our Projector and Laptop with operator as an add-on service for our client

We as the Photo and Video team are happy to lend our laptop as long as our unit are connected properly with the Audio system and we have completed all editing needed especially if we are providing Same-day-Edit Video/AVP.

That is our take on the issue.

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