How Important to have a WEBSITE?

November 8, 2019

Having a website is cementing your name in the market. Your telling the world that you are not a fly-by-night operation, but a legitimize business that is here to stay for a long time. Having a website is giving your clients an assurance of the quality of work you are providing. Giving them the ease of mind that you will not SCAM them of their hard earned money.

What are the benefit of having your own website

  • Your own domain name – Registering a domain name is like registering it to the Department of Trade and Industries or DTI. This means you are the only one authorize to use that name.
  • Unlimited emails – Having your own email address are more professional and secure that the other alternative.
  • Wide online reach – Not only locally but also the whole world are now seeing your work.
  • Open up new potential clients – A world of possibilities will open up for anyone in the world can check your work.

Whats the Difference from a Social Media acct?

The only thing that is good about having a social media acct is its FREE, and because its free you can deactivate it with nothing to lose. You can open a new one with a new name and a new address within a minute.

That’s what it take for someone to hide in any social media. You can no longer tract him/her except if your a whiz in the internet like the one we see in the movies.

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