Force majeure or Act of God

March 16, 2020

In the event industry whether your business is catering, event organizing or in the photo and video service, event cancellation is a constant. This may and eventually happen to all of us. That is why we put safeguards in our contracts and the way we communicate with our clients regarding this matter.

It is not that we don’t care but we have a business to run and in order to run a good business things should be in order. That’s why we place safeguards in our business like non-refundable reservation fees, down-payments, rescheduling clause and others. But what if issues arises that we and the clients have no control of.

This is what we call instances or unforeseeable circumstances that prevent client or suppliers from fulfilling the contract. Like and earthquake, typhoon, floods, and other situation that wee can never foreseen may happen. With this in mind we should always be happy or glad to do the right thing for our clients and accommodate them in any way possible.

As honorable suppliers what lawful act we can do?


A better way to resolve this kind of situation is to reschedule the event. Offer your client that you will be happy to accommodate their needs on a future date. This way you will still have your client’s business. You will also no longer to release some needed funds in your account. but remember to offer your client to choose the best date for them.


May it be full or partial this will help a lot to our clients financial needs. This will also save faith with the relationship that you have forge with your client. Your client will surely be grateful and will surely pay this act with equivalent action that will benefit your business the most.

Communication is key for better understanding.

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