Event Industry: 5 Will be Greatly Affected & 5 Will Survive

May 19, 2020
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With the COVID19 pandemic still looming in our everyday lives, and as we all know that it will not dissipate in the very near future. It is sad to say that we in the event industry have been and will be gravely affected. This is due to the ruling that no mass gathering will not be permitted until the pandemic is truly nullified.

I really hate to admit it, but we all need to recognize it. There are sector in the event industry that will be strongly affected and other will survive if not they will barely.

5 Sector will be Greatly Affected

  • Wedding Planners/Coordinators
  • Photo Booth services
  • Souvenir Provider
  • Flower arrangement services
  • Bridal Car services

In reality the first thing to go are the ones that they can do without. It all comes to saving the most cash and making it as simple as they can be. Soon to be married couples will not be getting the said services to lessen their spending and save money.

5 Sector that will Manage / Survive

  1. Photo and Video Studio
  2. Catering services
  3. Event Venue
  4. Musicians/Bands
  5. Light and Sounds services

The list above will might be able to survive. Due to the versatility of the nature of their nature. They can provide other services that are not related to weddings/birthday/debut or other event related gathering.

I’m very sorry to our partners in the industry but this is what we see will happen so better be ready. With that said, we are also not saying that the other will survive. They will surely make drastic changes to make sure they will make it till everything will be back to normal.

If you have insight on what we have written please so comment below.

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