Church Wedding; Is it still Practical

May 19, 2020

Is it still practical today and some of the upcoming days, weeks, months or even year to have a church wedding? This my personal question I ask myself? Maybe this are the same to soon to be brides and grooms, planning to be married.

Since the ECQ (Enhance Community Quarantine) has been lifted last week, every soon to be bride, event coordinators, and other event related suppliers have been on the edge. “How long will the New Normal will be?”, “How many is the Limited Guest?”, “Is it still Practical to do a Church Wedding?”

“Well, Is it?”

WE are not talking about whether It is the best way to get married or not. But is it practical today? I mean mass gathering is still not permitted. The government have implemented guidelines If you are going to have a mass gathering and one of them are having a limited number of invited guest. With that why do you need to be married on a church which no one will see.

Here are my points:

  1. Church fee will not even be discounted for they also have finances to pay.
  2. The couple will still need to pay for some simple flower arrangement, for some churches or priest doesn’t like a bare church wedding
  3. Why do it in a large place when only a handful of guest are allowed to attend
  4. We still don’t know when all this nightmare will end and everything will be back to normal

So the practical solution most of the couples are thinking right now are to have a civil wedding or a garden wedding (weather issues). Basically it is more practical in more ways than one.

I hope everything will be back to normal but who can tell.

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