SM Center Angono : Food Lane

We all have been there. Ask the same question everyday, every hour and sometimes every minute of the day. What do we eat?

SM Center Angono just have the answer for you. Well apparently they have a lot to say on that subject. At SM Center Angono food may come in different sizes and taste. All they can assure their local patrons are that all of those offerings will be delicious, affordable and good for all occasions.

Bulalo World

Located at the 2F, they offer the the favorite food of the South in the comfort of home. So close you can always have a sip of their hot beef broth that would weaken any knees to submission.

Visit their branch and have a sip and slurp or whatever you do with your bulalo.

Hen Lin

Hen Lin is a known Chinese fast food store in the country. But did you know that it is owned a Filipino. Yes! I was surprised as well. A well love and go to Chinese food is a Filipino by heart.

But what ever the background is, we all love the siomai, bu chi (especially the bu chi) they also have delicious barbecue. So next time you is it their branch at SM Center Angono do experiment an try their other menu. You will be surprise how good they are and affordable.

Potato Giants

Going to the movie? Have you decided on the snacks? Then I strongly recommend to turn left before entering the SM Center Angono Cinema and have yourself a couple of Pot Pots or have all of them. I for a fact love the sour cream dip. Choose from Solo, Grande, Giant, Super Giant sizes, also comes for their french fries.

I will definitely choose the sour cream dip.

Belly Good

Something tells me they only serve pork. But boy I was definitely wrong, not only they serve delicious belly lechon they also have this insanely good buttered shrimp.

It so great that I think I was the one who ate more than anyone in the group.

Over Mango

For dessert we go to Over Mango at the 3F. All I can say is that the Mango Graham Overload I got was truly amazing. I can also tell that the other 2 flavors is amazing as well. They can truly say that every Cup of Delightful Experience.

Note : Every photo was shot by Snap Click Studio

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